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  • Our favorite artists are playing on the same night. What show should we go to?
    por /u/Yawnin60Seconds el 6 octubre, 2022 a las 03:49

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  • Are there any good remixes of the theme from Nightmare on Elm Street?
    por /u/TheDjTanner el 5 octubre, 2022 a las 22:33

    That's pretty much it. The only things I can find are the Dj Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince song (a classic for sure), a shitty trap remix, and an equally shitty techno/trance remix. Anybody else know anything else? submitted by /u/TheDjTanner [link] [comments]

  • How to make outsider house
    por /u/goin_truuu el 5 octubre, 2022 a las 21:57

    I'm a producer and I wanna make music like Naked Flames. He makes more modern, outsider house/techno and there are no tutorials or sound banks that he uses available online. I've been trying to breakdown his songs but I'm completely stumped. If you have no clue how to help can you suggest me to a sub that would help? Thank you! submitted by /u/goin_truuu [link] [comments]

  • discover new songs on Spotify faster 🎶 [class project out]
    por /u/Upper-Lead865bbb el 5 octubre, 2022 a las 19:20

    Spotify Recs, TikTok songs, DJ sets, AUX road trips with friends and the classic, “Wow, what is that song that’s playing in the cafe right now?” Often, we can easily tell whether we like a song by listening to just a short snippet of it. So we built a program that takes a song and shortens it to the "best" 10-60 seconds to help you find your next favorite song, go through your discover weekly/release radar, and add to your playlists, faster. It creates mini discovery playlists [each song is a custom snippets size] based off your listening history It'll eventually learn what the "best" 10 seconds snippets are to you as you listen more. Uses genre/class/valence/song/weather/chorus/bridge and other factors. Would love criticism/feedback, thanks! 🙂 App Store link (for Spotify Premium + iPhone users): https://apps.apple.com/us/app/smores-music-discovery/id1626768775 ​ https://preview.redd.it/v06c7rtbf1s91.png?width=445&format=png&auto=webp&s=e7e1b5f58b95e92dbf7cac4b8596b01a26e80491 submitted by /u/Upper-Lead865bbb [link] [comments]

  • [Track ID?] Does Anyone know this song, I've heard it before but can't remember the name. Cera Khin DJ
    por /u/SebClarke234 el 5 octubre, 2022 a las 18:42

    ​ https://reddit.com/link/xwiowa/video/22nsl08j81s91/player submitted by /u/SebClarke234 [link] [comments]

  • I'm Sam Blacky, a DJ and music producer! AMA 🙂
    por /u/SamBlackyOfficial el 5 octubre, 2022 a las 18:07

    Hey everyone, my name is Sam Blacky and I'm a music producer / DJ. I spent several years in Australia, where I first fell in love with producing music and performing live. Since moving back to Los Angeles, music and performing have taken a front seat in my life. I’ve performed live across the world from 2017 to the present day, from Mexico to Ibiza to Bali. I just released my latest single “Colombiana” on Repopulate Mars, one of my favorite songs and people to work with. I've also recently released an official remix for Gaslight by Inji, that you can check out on my Spotify. I have a new single coming out during Groove Cruise which I cannot wait for Pre Save ! AMA from what being a female in a male-dominated industry is like to finding my sound to launching my own label. See you at 12pm PST!! Follow me on Instagram and Spotify to stay updated on all things! All links here 🙂 Linktree ​ submitted by /u/SamBlackyOfficial [link] [comments]

  • King Bromeliad - Floating Points (any similar lofi rec's?)
    por /u/baaaaagel el 5 octubre, 2022 a las 17:39

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  • [FRESH] Bicep - Water ft. Clara La San (2022)
    por /u/Brotest_The_Hero el 5 octubre, 2022 a las 17:15

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  • Moderat - Fillmore, Silver Spring, MD - Who's going??
    por /u/writetomhatcher el 5 octubre, 2022 a las 16:55

    Just wanted to see if anyone here is going to the Moderat show this Saturday in Silver Spring! Would be fun to connect! submitted by /u/writetomhatcher [link] [comments]

  • What is your favorite decade of electronic music
    por /u/GlitzyHavoc el 5 octubre, 2022 a las 12:11

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  • Artists similar to microlith?
    por /u/1Mazrim el 5 octubre, 2022 a las 07:44

    I've been liking his music but I haven't anything else similar in my library, any recommendations? submitted by /u/1Mazrim [link] [comments]

  • Submersion Festival!
    por /u/laurafunsize el 5 octubre, 2022 a las 03:06

    Help me guys! I’ve run out of ideas of how to reach fellow submersion music fans so here we are. I am trying to sell two GA tickets since husband and I can’t attend. Just looking for 200 obo. Help please! submitted by /u/laurafunsize [link] [comments]

  • John Summit added as DIRECT Support for Kx5 @ L.A. Coliseum 12/10!
    por /u/0fficia1mau5trap el 4 octubre, 2022 a las 16:12

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  • Please, help me find this song!
    por /u/FVCELESS_GHOST el 4 octubre, 2022 a las 12:46

    I deleted an old Youtube account a good while ago and when I did so, I made sure to back up my music playlists as I primarily listen to music on Youtube. I was pretty sure that I had backed up all of the songs I wanted to have backed up but I have come to realize that I forgot to save one particular song that I can't seem to find again as it seems to have become lost media or I'm just not looking hard enough. I find this hard to believe however as I have been thoroughly searching for this song/music video for years. I found this song in 2016 I'm pretty sure. Could have been 2017. I'm pretty sure it was from the channel Spinnin Records but I have searched through pretty much all of their stuff from 2015 to 2018 in order to find this song without success. The reason why I'm so sure it was featured on Spinnin Records is that most of my music backed up from 2016 was from that channel. What initially caught my attention about this song was the thumbnail. The thumbnail featured a very minimalistic rendition of a superb bird of paradise against a turquoise background. The video was very simple and featured the same minimalistic renditions of these birds bobbing up and down to the beat of the music. If I remeber correctly there was also a kaleidoscope effect thrown in over the video and it was quite trippy albeit very simple and monochrome. Many people in the comment section were confused about what the dancing thing in the video was and there were multiple answers saying that is was a superb bird of paradise. This is what I remember the video and thumbnail looking like: https://imgur.com/a/RZFBxDL I have searched through Spinning Records, MixMash Records, OWSLA, DIMMAK, Ed Banger records, Ultra Music along with a few more YouTube channels that I frequently sourced my music from back in 2016/2017 but the eye-catching thumbnail and video is nowhere to be found and the song isn't featured in any of their mixes or the like. The song is a groovy, floaty and airy, instrumental future house-ish song with a repetitive piano melody that carries on throughout the whole song. The backing lead is somewhat atonal and very floaty and the drums, as far as I remember, feature some bongo-like elements. I would say that it's pretty similar to the music featured in this mix: https://youtu.be/hXeMo_1yFfA I believe that the title of the song begun with the letter I and was one word. I have confused the title with a song called "Innerbloom" multiple times so it might have been something similar? The creator of the song was as far as I remeber one artist with no featuring artist. It was not a remix. I tried my best to remake part of the song using FL Studio. The piano melody is pretty spot on possibly a bit too high pitched: https://voca.ro/1bqyv4QH2mb1 I have tried to search for the song using searchterms like "bird of paradise music video" with zero results. I have also tried to find the song using Shazam and Google music finder by playing my replication of the song but with no success what so ever. submitted by /u/FVCELESS_GHOST [link] [comments]

  • Searching for a song like this one 🙂
    por /u/jxpiter12 el 4 octubre, 2022 a las 12:03

    Hey everyone, Idk if this is the right subreddit to ask.. I'm desperately looking for songs that sound like this song: Ecstasy by Eargasm God. I especially like the beat and the 'floaty' feel it has. Especially at 00:48 and the background noise at 00:06. Hopefully you guys can help me out? 🙂 submitted by /u/jxpiter12 [link] [comments]

  • Looking for Drum and Bass artists
    por /u/Crack-lAk el 4 octubre, 2022 a las 02:14

    I've listened to many EDM genres over the years but recently I've liked the Drum and Bass genre. Are there any other Drum and Bass artists like prodigy pendulum,pegboard nerds,etc? submitted by /u/Crack-lAk [link] [comments]

  • Gabriel Hemingway - To You
    por /u/Cooltific el 4 octubre, 2022 a las 01:47

    https://youtu.be/gb1_pKHLXKw submitted by /u/Cooltific [link] [comments]

  • ID help - Paji closed out his set at Ritter Butzke with this on Friday night
    por /u/spikeeee el 3 octubre, 2022 a las 23:51

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  • The Blaze - Territory
    por /u/gh1las el 3 octubre, 2022 a las 21:28

    https://youtu.be/54fea7wuV6s So today i discovered a masterpiece and its from my homeland Algeria!!! submitted by /u/gh1las [link] [comments]

  • Nothing more than a MicroFreak overdubbed
    por /u/Caillou-music el 3 octubre, 2022 a las 20:47

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  • Track Id anyone? Know the original song but can't find this mix (it's in spanish)
    por /u/loledy el 3 octubre, 2022 a las 20:06

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  • Help me find the song!
    por /u/Mineneth el 3 octubre, 2022 a las 20:06

    I think it was something like eurodance, the lyrics were like "here we go it's summer time...here we go to the beach..., here we go from the club... all night... your rhythm", I dont think it's any popular song cuz I literally cant find it by lyrics etc. submitted by /u/Mineneth [link] [comments]

  • Searching for Track ID
    por /u/Benbblnz el 3 octubre, 2022 a las 18:30

    Hey lovers of electronic music, this song has been in my mind for almost a year now. It is such a catchy tune and i desperately need the track ID. Anyone recognise the track? Shazam didn’t work. I think it is some unreleased tune but maybe i am lucky and you can help <3 submitted by /u/Benbblnz [link] [comments]

  • video I made from the Fred again boiler room ser
    por /u/oboyhereigokilinagin el 3 octubre, 2022 a las 18:03

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  • Fred again.. - Kammy (like i do)
    por /u/liverichly el 3 octubre, 2022 a las 17:36

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  • Jose de Mara & Crusy – Stay Close (Level 2)
    por Borja Rosan el 1 septiembre, 2020 a las 09:18

    ¡Jose de Mara y Crusy debutan en el sello de Hardwell con su nuevo single! Más de un año y medio hemos tenido que esperar para poder disfrutar de una de las canciones más esperadas de este dúo de artistas nacionales que por fin ve la luz a través de Revealed Recordings, sello del archiconocido La entrada Jose de Mara & Crusy – Stay Close (Level 2) se publicó primero en Madrid EDM.

  • Havana Club X Skepta
    por Borja Rosan el 21 julio, 2020 a las 14:11

    UN HOMENAJE A LAS CULTURAS LOCALES Y LA COMUNIDAD GLOBAL Una edición limitada de Havana Club 7 marida las raíces cubanas de la marca con la herencia cultural nigeriana del rapero Skepta El ron de Cuba, Havana Club, suma una razón más por la que enorgullecerse: su nueva colaboración con el rapero británico Skepta. El La entrada Havana Club X Skepta se publicó primero en Madrid EDM.

  • Katy Perry en el festival virtual de Tomorrowland
    por Borja Rosan el 15 julio, 2020 a las 11:15

    La superestrella del pop dará el golpe al actuar embarazada del bebé que espera junto a Orlando Bloom y a pocos días o semanas de dar a luz… ¡La pareja guarda la fecha en secreto! La californiana cantará su nuevo single ‘Smile’, adelanto del álbum que saldrá el 14 de agosto Ya se han vendido La entrada Katy Perry en el festival virtual de Tomorrowland se publicó primero en Madrid EDM.

  • Stereocode & System Of Loudness – Ode To Hardstyle
    por Borja Rosan el 15 julio, 2020 a las 11:02

    System Of Loudness y Stereocode colaboran en “Ode To Hardstyle”, un homenaje a los sonidos más contundentes Cuatro años después Stereocode y System Of Loudness vuelven a colaborar en “Ode To Hardstyle”, como homenaje al género Primero fue “Moonlight”, después “Equinox”, más tarde “Meaning Of Life” y hoy System Of Loudness y Stereocode demuestran una La entrada Stereocode & System Of Loudness – Ode To Hardstyle se publicó primero en Madrid EDM.

  • #LaEscenaQueViene con B Jones & Shake Coconut
    por Borja Rosan el 15 julio, 2020 a las 10:51

    Octavo episodio en el que la formación charla junto a Diego Berlanga, director de A Summer Story. En un momento complicado para todos los festivales... La entrada #LaEscenaQueViene con B Jones & Shake Coconut se publicó primero en Madrid EDM.

  • Skulljom – Drifter [Cracking Records]
    por Borja Rosan el 14 julio, 2020 a las 12:11

    El joven productor madrileño, Skulljom, nos trae su segundo hit bajo el sello discográfico Cracking Records con este nuevo lanzamiento ‘Drifter’. En esta producción predomina una estructura de Future House con toques melódicos, donde sobresale una vocal y una instrumental que acentúan la musicalidad del single, dándole frescura, originalidad y energía. Skulljom logra obtener un sonido rítmico a la par que alternativo, creando así un track de La entrada Skulljom – Drifter [Cracking Records] se publicó primero en Madrid EDM.

  • Güsto – The Dirty Playerz Remix
    por Borja Rosan el 14 julio, 2020 a las 12:05

    Después de que The Dirty Playerz nos sorprendieran con su atrevido remix a “F0RG3T”, el último sencillo de Mazdem en Cracking Records, vuelven a la carga con un nuevo remix. Qara · Güsto (Remix) Esta vez, el dúo de DJs y productores santanderino ha apostado por remezclar el single debut de QARA, un artista independiente La entrada Güsto – The Dirty Playerz Remix se publicó primero en Madrid EDM.

  • Dj Nano anuncia el lanzamiento de su álbum «Be Free»
    por Borja Rosan el 14 julio, 2020 a las 12:01

    Además, Dj Nano estará actuando en su fiesta “I love” este sábado 18 de julio en el wizink center de madrid Será su primera sesión indoor tras la cuarentena y el segundo evento que albergue el emblemático recinto, que tendrá aforo reducido y contará con las medidas de seguridad necesarias Nano, nuestro DJ más querido, La entrada Dj Nano anuncia el lanzamiento de su álbum «Be Free» se publicó primero en Madrid EDM.

  • Museo del Beat, «Comida para todos»
    por Borja Rosan el 14 julio, 2020 a las 11:52

    Una iniciativa para recaudar fondos para el banco de alimentos de la ciudad de Valladolid. Bajo el lema “comida para todos” varios artistas de la ciudad de Valladolid se reunirán el próximo lunes 27 de julio para grabar un evento muy especial que se emitirá el domingo 2 de agosto. Todo ello desde el Museo del Patio Herreriano, un emplazamiento único ubicado en uno La entrada Museo del Beat, «Comida para todos» se publicó primero en Madrid EDM.

  • Tortilla regresa con 12 horas de Depaart y concepto renovado
    por Borja Rosan el 14 julio, 2020 a las 11:46

    Además de Depaart, Tortilla recibirá durante julio y agosto las visitas de Danny B, SevenJune, SOSANDLOW y Fernanda Arrau. La sesión inaugura también un nuevo espacio de entrada gratuita: Tortilla Bar. Ha llegado el momento de darle la vuelta a la tortilla. La sesión madrileña de la tarde de los sábados en Costa Social Club regresa en La entrada Tortilla regresa con 12 horas de Depaart y concepto renovado se publicó primero en Madrid EDM.